Well…that’s awkward.

So enough with the heavy stuff. Jealousy, cheating and safe sex are all tedious things, yet they’re things I think are relevant and important. Let’s take a breather really quickly and try to lighten the mood.

I’ve heard horror story upon horror story from friends, both guys and girls, about things that their lover or partner have said in bed that has made them stop and go “…wait, what?”. For this post, I’ve selected the best of the best and composed a list of ten things (five for girls, five for guys) that would make anyone go:what


Ladies first! Here are five things women do not wanna hear in bed:

1. “Can we turn the lights off?”

2. “I thought you stuffed your bra!”

3. “Let me get on top, you’re too heavy.”

4. “You do that so much better than my ex!”

5. This is probably the saddest one I’ve heard: “You do that so much better than you sister!” (or friend or anyone you know for that matter)

After talking to a few guys, here are five things I’ve realized they don’t want to hear, either:

1. “Ew, you should probably shave down there…”

2. “When was the last time you showered?”

3. “My ex used to do it like this…”

4. “Don’t tell my boyfriend/husband about this!”

5. This has to be the most painful thing for a guy to hear… “Is it in yet?”


Granted, we may not always think before we blurt something out along those lines. It can create some of the most awkward situations, either pre or post hook up, whether it’s with a steady partner or a one time fling. If you have any words or phrases that have completely shattered a sexy situation, comment them below to be added to this post!