Now that the weather is getting nicer and the sun is finally making an appearance here on the east coast USA, the one thing everyone has on their mind is summer and vacation. I think one of the cutest things a couple can do is go on vacation together. However, this can also be a make or break situation. I myself have never been on a vacation with anyone I’ve been in a relationship with. I’ve had friends go on trips with their boyfriend/girlfriend, and it always seems like a good time. There are also those occasions where a vacation can almost seem like a test of the relationship.

To go on a vacation with a boyfriend or girlfriend takes a lot more than just booking a flight, a hotel and being on your merry way. From what I’ve heard talking to friends, it can be pretty stressful and testing. You both might not want to go to the same place for vacation. You may want to do one thing while on vacation and your partner may want to do another. You may want to go on a vacation after a few months of being together, but your partner might want to wait.

Like anything else, I think that going on a vacation and planning a trip takes patience and compromise. Since I don’t have too much experience in this department, I’d love to hear from my readers! When do you think is the proper time to take a partner on vacation? What does it entail? Do you see it as an escape, or a testament of your relationship? If you have any vacation stories you’d like to share, feel free to comment below!!


Cheaters never prosper…

Cheating is probably the worst thing that can happen to a relationship. I’ve been cheated on, and quite frankly, itΒ sucks. Then again, I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t.

I’ve heard multiple definitions of cheating, ranging from your significant other texting or talking to other people to them actually going all the way with someone else. To me, cheating is when a guy or girl takes advantage of your feelings and acts in a way with another person as they would with you, whether it is on an emotional or physical level. The ways that I have been cheated on were both physically, as in my boyfriends went and had sex with other people. Good times.

I’m a firm believer in the saying “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. If the person you’re dating has a history of cheating on their boyfriends or girlfriends, your odds honestly aren’t looking so great. Everyone wants to be the one to change the bad boy or bad girl into a loyal loving companion, but as they say, it’s hard to turn a hoe into a housewife.

If you’re suspicious that your partner is cheating on you, you have every right to either confront them or have some kind of sit-down conversation. The last thing you wanna do is go snooping through your partner’s things and get caught, because that makes you look sketchy and somewhat crazy. I’m a terrible snooper. I have this wonderful habit of either getting caught or admitting to have snooped. I’m the type of person to want to sit down and talk and try to figure out what’s going on in the relationship and why one or the other person might have the suspicion that the other is cheating.


Now, finding out that your partner has cheated on you is probably one of the top five worst feelings in the world. It feels as if your heart has been pulled out of your chest, and your boyfriend/girlfriend is taunting you with it in front of your face. It’s a devastating emotional sequence that goes from shock, to sadness, to despair, to anger, to “REVENGE”. It’s okay to be sad, it’s 1,000% natural. You would never expect the person you love and have invested all of your emotion and time into to hurt you in such a way. The more you think about it, the angrier you get. The angrier you get, the more you want to get even. As great as that sounds in your head, revenge is probably one of if not the worst way to deal with being cheated on. Honestly, it makes you look desperate for attention, pathetic for stooping to that level, and it’s just not cute. Don’t do it. You have a support system, whether it is your friends or your family. Being the bigger person can be hard and draining and the opposite of what you wanna be doing, but I guarantee you won’t regret moving on as much as you would regret doing something like sleeping with your partner’s best friend and having everyone think you’re a spiteful bitch.

What if you’re not ready to let go of your partner? What if you want to fight to save your relationship and you’re willing to forgive and forget? I’ve known plenty of people who have been in relationships where their boyfriend or girlfriend has cheated, and then decided to take them back. Love is blind, I guess. Anyway, I could understand where my friends were coming from. They had been with their partner for years and were so in love that they would rather rebuild with their partner than start over with someone else. In the relationships where I had been cheated on, the relationships had been one year, and the other a few months. I personally refuse to take someone back who has cheated on me. I have zero time for that, and I find it both demeaning and embarrassing to be seen with someone that everyone knows has been unfaithful to me. It’s hard to see my friends in relationships where their partner has cheated on them multiple times as well. You can only do and say so much for so long when your friend comes to you and cries on your shoulder because their significant other has cheated on them for the tenth time with another random person. My advice in this situation would be to just be as supportive as you can and remind them that you’re there for them, but it’s not fair to you or your friend to see them so upset all the time. Everyone deserves someone who makes them happy and who brings out the best in them. If your partner has done the opposite on a consistent basis, especially if they’ve cheated, it may be time to think about what’s best for you.Β